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Technology for the corrections market - Why restrict your services to one
The vizvox Video visitation evolution can help your facility benefit from:
  • Migration to IP (LAN) based endpoints and networks
  • Integration with JMS/OMS
  • In-facility and off-site on line visitor registration and session scheduling
  • Centralized computing and storage for recording & playback
  • Enhanced software functionality
  • Multi functional hardware to provide multiple inmate services
  • Revenue Generation through remote visitation
Detention Centers recognize the vizvox benefits early on with assesing:
  • Enhanced inmate/staff security and visitor safety
  • Eliminates contraband
  • Enhanced revenue generation
Return on investment

VizVox is the technology of choice for penitentiaries seeking to eliminate costs associated with inmate movement and for law enforcement agencies seeking to reduce time, paperwork and expenditures related to warrant application. Originally developed to reduce transport costs associated with on-site visitation, inmate transfer and security staffing, VizVox has vastly developed the essential resources for government sectors requiring safe, cost-effective communication with inmates and generate additional revenue to off set staff and operational costs.

Although most notably used to remotely connect prisoners with visitors as a critical tool in the elimination of contraband and narcotic infiltration, VizVox also leads the industry in customizable applications. These software add-ons are developed by industry-experienced engineers, unique to our brand and facilitate:

  • Multifunction endpoints
  • Interface with Inmate Calling Services vendor to supplement those services
  • Interface with Commissary Service vendor to provide kiosk access for inmates to individual accounts and services
  • Telemedicine and Telepsychiatry
  • Law Library Services Interface
  • Grievance Filing feature
  • Controlled web browsing and e-mail
  • Stream Educational content to the inmate population
  • MP3 and other downloading capability